‘Round the Kitchen

Last night while I was cleaning up after our spaghetti I noticed our sink was clogged. Clogged bad. After dinner we went to get a bottle of drain-o. Cause everyone knows that’s what you do with clogged drains. I NEVER use the LEFT sink. Why? Because the garbage disposal is on the RIGHT side. That’s why we went out and got this handy plunger/strainer thing when we moved in. So nothing goes down the LEFT side. My thoughtful, caring, sweet mother-in-law came for a night this week. She stayed the whole next day planting flowers because her new daughter-in-law doesn’t have enough interest in lawncare (read: or time to plant flowers) True to form while she was here she did the dishes. She always insists on using the LEFT side to fill with water and put all the dirty dishes into scrub. I personally don’t feel the dishes are clean enough if they’re cleaned with the dishtowel. Just me… too much time in microbiology I guess… I don’t want little flecks of leftover food mushed into the rag you’re cleaning out my wineglass with. But I digress…. Clogged drain. Right.

My miracle drain-o? It didn’t work. I always buy the brown bottle kind, because that’s what my dad told me to get and he’s a wise man. Hubbin’ insisted we get the kind that’s safe for metal AND plastic pipes. I agreed. It didn’t work. I told him his new options were to get the brown bottle and we’d try again, OR take the pipes apart.

Tonight, I was loading the dishwasher and jamming the end of my spatula down the drain trying to knock the clog loose. On a whim, I used my handy nursing penlight which, just between you and me, is the first time it’s been used for anything practical. And “OH, oh my? What’s this?”…..A dinner knife! A very, very ill looking dinner knife. Lesson: Dinner knives do not like drain-o. One dinner knife down. I guess that’s what happens when you use the wrong side of the sink… The good news is the drain is back in shape and it required nothing more than a penlight and needle nosed pliers. Any plumbing problem fixed without taking apart pipes is a big win in my book! Now before you go thinking ill thoughts of my mother-in-law (as I will confess to having done last night when I first discovered our blocked drain) Look at what she made me! A new little herb box for the windowsill in my kitchen. It’s for all that cooking I do. Ehem. Right. Back to that time issue.

In other exciting news… look how happy my Christmas Cactus is in the kitchen where I remember to water it!!! Look at all those new little leaves!


One thought on “‘Round the Kitchen

  1. Holy crap! That’s pretty scary…I think I’ll wear a HazMat suit next time I have to use Drano, just in case!

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