Good help is so hard to find…

I can’t even repeat what came out of my mouth this morning…. A brief recap

4/27: I was told to temporarily evacuate my desk so they could board
up my window on Monday 4/30

4/30: In my absence my coworker was told it would take 1 week to finish the window
5/1: Plaster man spotted working on the window for 10 minutes
5/2: Plaster man spotted adding additional plaster for 5 minutes
5/3: No plaster man
5/4: No plaster man. Email sent to building manager asking when window
would be complete. Reply “It should only have taken 1 week”, someone more important than myself was CCd in the reply.

5/7: Plaster man adds additional 7 minute coat of plaster,
conversation as follows:

SSFB: “Do you know when you’ll be done with the window?”
PM: “oh I’ll only be here 5 more minutes”
SSFB: “No I mean, when will you be finished”
PM: “I have to add another coat tomorrow but I’ll be finished before you
even get here”
SSFB: “Ok, but when will it be DONE, like when can I move back to my desk”
PM: “oh… well I’ll have one more day, then they need to paint, so
probably Thursday”

Total desk displacement: 2 weeks
Total worktime on window: 90 minutes
(and that’s a generous estimate)


One thought on “Good help is so hard to find…

  1. That would be frustrating. Don’t you wish people would give high estimates for stuff like that? Tell you it will be a month, so you are pleasantly surprised with it only takes two weeks?

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