So I was laying in bed last night… I seem to be starting off that way a lot these days?… and I was thinking about all the weird sleep habits I have.

First of all, and I believe I mentioned this before but the absolute last thing I can do before shutting off my light at night is pee. Must pee before bed. Immediately before bed. As soon as I lay down and remember that I haven’t yet peed I immediately have to get up and pee or I can’t fall asleep because I’ll be obsessing over the fact I haven’t peed.

Along those lines my parents have completely brainwashed me that if you wake up (bad dream or not) you should get up, go to the bathroom and take a sip of water before laying back down. Cures all problems, I swear.

I also need to apply chapstick before bed. Keeps my lips soft and kissable. Hey, I just don’t like chapped lips, sue me. I like putting hand lotion on too, right before bed. That doesn’t make me a bad person, right?

I MUCH prefer sleeping in pants. I just don’t like my legs touching, if I’m sleeping in shorts or a nightgown/ T-shirt I have to tuck the sheet between my legs. I just don’t like it. How people sleep naked? I’ll never know.

I require covers to sleep. Even in the summer, I need a sheet. I’d rather crank the fan up an extra notch so I can keep my sheet. I just feel safer even though I know my 400 threads aren’t really offering protection. Yet again, how people sleep naked? I’ll never know.

I have a chew toy too. I don’t know if I grind my teeth or just clench them in my sleep. In an effort to get rid of my migranes I visited the dentist and he made me a personalized chew toy. For a long time I didn’t think it was doing anything, then one day when I was brushing it I saw that my top teeth have cut ENORMOUS gashes in what used to be the smooth top. I can admit when I’m wrong, so now I wear it every night. I had a roommate in college that would grind her teeth, and frankly that’s made me afraid of what grinding your teeth can do to your teeth! I don’t want to have little nubs where I used to have teeth by the time I turn 40!

What are your unusual sleep/bedtime habits?


One thought on “Zzzzzz

  1. I have bizarre sleep habits too… but I think most of mine stems from having a wacky circadian rhythm.

    1. I need to have my room completely dark and completely silent to sleep well. I have superdark blinds and curtains (a deep shade of crimson)over my windows to keep the light out since I am a “day sleeper.”

    2. I prefer to sleep with jammies on if I am alone in bed but I do like to sleep naked if my hubbin is in bed with me. It just feels nice, when I get cold, to cuddle up next to his warm, naked body. TMI?

    3. Also, I cannot sleep well if I do not have my Memory Foam Contour pillow. I sleep with a big ol fluffy body pillow as well to keep my hips in alignment and to prevent my legs from touching. (You might try that!)

    4. I always sleep on my right side.

    5. I don’t always pee before bed but I MUST have a beverage of some kind on my nightstand in case I get thirsty through the night.

    See? You aren’t so weird! 🙂

    I really enjoyed my interview, BTW!

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