A few notes about the weekend

Remember this?

As a result we have this random bottle of foaming Tilex mildew remover sitting under our bathroom sink. Since then, I’ve been using it to clean up… -err nevermind. Point being, I discovered what is quite possibly the BEST USE EVER for foaming Tilex this weekend!

Behind the toilet we had a spider take up residence. I know, I’ve been violating my own kill-on-sight policy, but he was in an akward spot and frankly I was a little afraid. He wasn’t very big but it was one of those ones with the big butt and the pointy legs… and I think they’re extra creepy. ewww. (Although… I’m just freaked out by spiders in general.) So today I got the marvelous idea while I was in the bathroom to squirt the spider with the foaming Tilex. Knocked him right on the floor and apparently KILLED ON CONTACT! I was so pleased with myself. There was no creeping about, no thrashing, no attempts to escape, fell to the floor and laid there enveloped in bleach-scented foam.

We planned to have a nice date on Saturday. Hubbin’s mama gave him one of those entertainment book coupons (do you have those?) for this nice restaurant. We went to said nice restaurant and while waiting for our table had a seat at the bar. The bartender proceeded to card the Hubbin’ who of course did not have his ID with him. (The drawback of marrying the younger woman I guess) Then refused to serve him a beer. I said “well maybe we’ll have a young waitress and they’ll serve you”… no such luck. THEN we found out the entertainment coupon wasn’t valid that night. Hubbin’ wasn’t happy, so we got up and left. It would have been $25 a plate otherwise and we’re just not that rich right now. So that was kind of a bummer. We had dinner at Panara’s instead, I hadn’t eaten ALL DAY so let me tell you it was 10 times more delicious than normal and since our dinner was 1/4 the price it would have been we got to go out for ice cream :)… He was a little disappointed at not taking me somewhere nice, but I said any date that ends with ice cream is a good one 😉

After our date we came home and watched a movie (Blood Diamonds) and then Penn & Teller was on. The show this week featured a whole lot of information about poop & your colon. The “highlight” of the show, (that Hubbin’ is still scarred by) was they paid some poor unsuspecting soul to do one of those ridiculous colonics procedures ON TV. Right, as in ON TELEVISION. I only vaguely knew what colonics was, but I’ll sum it up for you by saying it consists of some creepy lady who is way too into alternative medicine shoving a fancy garden hose up your ___ and flushing out everything that would normally come out on it’s own given time. Colonics is all *new* and *alternative medicine* and people pay a lot of money to have it done… I’ll spare you from that and tell you “colonics” has been around for a long time, it’s called an ENEMA. And we’re learning how to do them in Nursing 101.

This weekend we also resurrected our deck chairs since it was IN THE SEVENTIES! No. that was not a typo. ‘Bout effin time! We’ve had an unseasonably cold spring. We had grilled chicken and corn on the cob tonight and sat out lazily eating dinner and watching the birds fly by. I said “This is definitely the kind of evenings I envisioned on this porch when we bought this house”


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