Mild Reassurance

So I took off work yesterday, because I was worried I wouldn’t be functional come evening class/test time after putting in a full day at work. (I should have taken today off as well because I’ve accomplished precious little at work save blowing my nose and smearing neosporin on my hot-pink little nostrils) As such I had to arrive at school early to print out all my pages before class.

While in the computer lab, I was sitting next to a clinical classmate. I’ve decided he’s someone good to hang out with because, like me, he plans on getting a masters after finishing his RN. These two girls came in and sat down next to him, they’re both in their last semester of our nursing program. (We both drooled with jealousy when they mentioned they have only 3 weeks till graduation). I wasn’t able to hear a lot of what they were telling my classmate because we had to whisper but they were trying hard to reassure us both that we too would be done before we knew it. The one girl proudly proclaimed that she was living proof of “C=RN“, amusing, but not something I would be bragging about. While I’ve all but given up on getting an A, my whole goal is ultimately to not have to sweat about getting into whichever masters program I decide to pursue.

Unfortunately, they also let slip that the paperwork only piles up from here on out. Wooooonderful. I’m about 3 weeks behind on my drug cards as it is. Shh, don’t tell!

Perhaps the best piece of news they shared was that they too felt like they had learned nothing until they started their last semester practical. Both my friend and I were glad to hear them say that because we’ve all commented on more than one occasion, that other than washing body parts in the correct order during a bed bath, we feel like we would be completely unable to provide safe care to a patient. They both said they felt like they learned more in their first three days on the job than they did the entire nursing program. I suppose that’s both good news and bad news. I’m glad to know that there is hope that someday I might actually FEEL like a nurse. I also feel that sort of reinforces my decision to accept admission to the shorter nursing program (I was also accepted to a nursing program that has a slightly more “thorough” reputation but is also 1.5 years longer, I ultimately chose the shorter program for both financial and time considerations) After a lot of thought I decided (true or not) that a lot of nursing is β€œon the job” learning anyway, so the sooner you start actually working as a nurse the better. Theory is a necessary part of learning, but the first semester of nursing school is positively drowning in theory…. and skills are important too.

The good news (gosh, I intended this to be a short post! I’m going to have to stick to bulleted outline form next time!) is that I got a 19.5/20 on my nutrition test. What happened to my half point?! Ahhh, well, can’t win ’em all ;)… I’ve got a pretty solid B, our final is in about 3 weeks, but I think unless something completely drastic or unexpected happens I’ll probably get a B for the semester. (Drastic meaning, failing the next few tests and the final… unlikely -or- Unexpected meaning, getting 100% on the rest of the tests AND the final… equally unlikely)

Alright, back to blowing my nose… errr… I mean work.


3 thoughts on “Mild Reassurance

  1. Are you hoping to do administrative stuff with that master’s? πŸ™‚ Or is it a higher pay scale? Or both? πŸ˜€

    Good luck with the sniffles… That’s sure not my cuppa tea. Better than being stuffy though? The jury’s still out on that one. πŸ™‚

  2. I would definately agree with the other student nurses that you will learn more out of school than in. I learned more in the first 3 months as an RN than I did in all of my college/nursing classes combined. School is just a hoop to jump through, really. A fiery, painful hoop. πŸ™‚

    Personally, I think there should still be nursing diploma programs through private hospitals where it is nearly 100% on the job training. I’ve worked with a few nurses who’ve been diploma nurses and they are as good and sometimes better than degree nurses.

    What do you plan to do once you have your Masters? I honestly doubt I ever go any farther in my nursing education – at least until my family is raised. If I was going on for my Masters though, I would consider CRNA school. You still get to be a nurse but you make the same income as most doctors.

    I am just so tickled for you, that you have already come this far! The other students are correct that this time will fly by. Soon, you will have only 3 weeks left yourself and then you will wonder where it went.

    Long entry? How about this long comment! πŸ™‚ I get wordy sometimes!

    Have a good one!

  3. Superbaby:
    It is a higher pay scale… very doubtful about administration, I like the actual medical stuff, probably get a masters and certified to be a nurse practioner. Then you see patients individually, even somewhere like a doctor’s office, perscribe medicines etc etc. More independance, and I just feel like then I would have a TON of options career wise.

    I wrote you back in your own comments section… it’s ok, Wordy = GOOD πŸ˜‰

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