Sorry, I can’t, I’ll be in EUROPE

It’s offical now! In less than 24hours I’ll be on my way to Europe! on my way to the airport to board the flight to take us to Atlanta to wait at our layover to board the flight that will take us to Europe!!! (It sounded much more exciting the first way didn’t it?)… I’ve got everything packed and loaded into my car. Tonight after clinical I’m going to stay with my parents and leave my car there for when we get back.

I’m feeling a total lack of creativity today so I almost wasn’t going to post… but I’ll be gone for 10 days and that would be hella-slacker of me and we don’t want that.

Last night my sweet sweet Hubbin went out and bought me these shoes. I was trying them on this weekend while he was trying on shoes and just thought they were so cute! I always manage to talk myself out of buying things so I left them at the store. (hence why I am incharge of our budget) I’m wearing them today and I have to keep taking pauses at work to look down and admire my shoes 🙂 I suspect I’ll be wearing them everyday in Germany! As a side note. These are Keens, my husband is currently OBSESSED (understatement) with Keens. But every time I talk about them I’m reminded of this video game I loved playing growing up. Any other fans out there? Computer games have totally gone downhill since Commander Keen…

This weekend we went to the exotic pet store near our house. Most zoo reptile exhibits pale in comparison to this pet store. They have a king cobra, alligators, and gila monsters just to name a few. They also have two baby tegus like ours, and a few adult tegus. They have male and female adult blue tegus (just like princess) and they have an adult male red tegu who I have lovingly dubbed Gus after the fat mouse from Cinderella. Male tegus get this enormous jowel thing as adults (that’s really quite unattractive and lends to the appearence of his obesity). Gus is a big hulking tegu that I’ve never once seen with so much as his eyes open. This is not a picture of Gus, just a Gus-like red tegu so you can get a good visual ;). So when we walked in my husband stopped to talk with this employee Mark we regularly chat with while he was feeding the snakes. I skipped the snakes, ’cause who cares about them, and went around the corner to the back where they keep the adult tegus. Imagine my surprise when I round the corner and see Gus in the process of mounting this random female tegu they’ve borrowed from someone. I poked my head back around the corner and said “Hubbin! Come here you’ve got to see this!” to which he replies, “What? Is Gus moving?”. I said, “Uh HUH!”. Much laughter ensued as my husband rounded the corner, expecting just to see Gus standing flicking his tongue or something. Mark came over too. Unfortunately this was Gus’s first date, and as such, he “missed” and made a big mess on the girl’s leg. Whoopsies! Then Gus crawled into the corner to rest for a few minutes (because I’m sure this is the most energy he’s EVER expended). Mark starts joking saying things like “Come on! That’s all you’ve got?! Do you want us to get you some magazines or something buddy? This is your last night with her, make it count!”.

Much to our dismay they don’t have an adult male black and white tegu so we still haven’t found anyone to set Ms Thang up with. Hopefully they’ll hold onto their adult male blue tegu for a few years till Princess grows up. We fully intend on pimping her out. Just for some perspective, Princess’s babies will can be sold for around $300 each. Tegu’s are capable of laying 20+ eggs. Even if we split the profits with the pet store that sounds like a summer vacation to me! We’ll make her earn her keep ;)…

The only other item of news is for the second week in a row I got one-hundred-percent on my nursing school test! I’m going to have to make sure I read & study on the bus so I can keep my streak alive when I get back!

I may or may not be posting while I’m away. Hubbin assures me we will have access to the internet, we can’t honestly expect him to go 10 days without checking up on all his car websites, can we? We’ll see! I’m SO EXCITED!


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