We went and saw 300 over the weekend, my verdict is: It’s certainly 300 of the hotest looking men I’ve ever seen.

Overheard during the movie:
SSFB “Where did they FIND all these men?”
Hubbin “Why? Do you want to go there?”
SSFB “Uh huh!”

Things are going pretty well around here I think, I feel very prepared for my pharmacology test tonight. Provided she doesn’t pull any of her trickery… two weeks ago I missed a question on the drug calculation test, the question asked for “maximum daily dose” and I wrote “40mg/day” she crossed it out and wrote “10mg 4 times a day”… Bitch please, you asked for the maximum you can take in one day, that’s what I gave you.

Last night I woke up at 4:30 with a bad nightmare. I’m taking my skills test this week on sterile wound care. I had a nightmare that I went into test and while I was carefully opening the package of sterile gloves, one of the gloves slid out of the pack causing me to break sterile field and fail! We’re allowed 1 retest for each skill and I dreamed that I went back to retest and when I was opening the pack one of the glove fingers got caught on the sides and was pulled out of the sterile field while I was opening it! Gahhh! So I failed again and was dropped from the program! I think I’m going to go home after class tonight and practice opening my sterile gloves!!!!

My M-I-L is in trouble. We’ve gotten into a little routine, she’s been coming to stay with us a few nights early in the week, usually on the nights I have class till late. Which is fine, the problem is, she is apparently one of those people who is incapable of relaxing (I definately cannot relate) so rather than hanging out and watching cable TV during the day, she CLEANS OUR HOUSE! Which is a double edged sword. On one hand, that means I don’t have to do it, which is fine because I gain no pleasure from doing dishes and that gives me more time to study. The problem is, she “cleans up” everything and puts it away in places we would never think to look for it. We spent three hours last weekend searching for our dustbin. Last night I was getting ready for bed and there was not a comforter to be found in the house, I was yelling at my husband for stealing them all for the laundry at the same time… Then my MIL, walks off to the spare bedroom and shows us that she has packed every single blanket and comforter in the whole house away in the TV armoire in the spare bedroom!!! Who would have looked there?!

She has a lot of energy to work off, so we’ve been trying not to say anything, but last night Hubbin was yelling at her. Last week she took the liberty of hanging to candle sconces in the upstairs hall. (Two candle sconces we had purposfully not hung because we hadn’t decided where we wanted them… I will not mention that she also hung them at least 8 inches higher than I would have and they are crooked. Oh wait, I just did) She did all of our laundry last week and put about 7 of his work shirts in the dryer and now he can’t wear any of them (I guess he has monkey arms). It was just too much for him.

Before bed last night he was joking with me that we just need to build her a daughter-house in our backyard and she can come stay there. I said “yeah, then she can put holes in her own walls” and he said “We’ll just got down every morning and throw a bucket of dirt on the floor for her to clean up”….. poor poor MIL.


2 thoughts on “300

  1. Ahhh, I saw 300 too – all those beautiful abdomens! Their dirty teeth and scraggly beards didn’t do much for me, but their rippling bellies did! πŸ™‚

    I think you could argue that pharmacology test question you missed – your answer makes more sense than the teachers did… Your answer was correct.

    And bless your MIL’s heart. I have one just like yours. There isn’t one malicious intent in anything she does. It is frustrating, yes, so although I think she sounds like a sweetie, i feel your pain.

    Hope you had a nice weekend!

  2. Lol, I didn’t even notice the dirty teeth & scraggly beards! I was too distracted by all the abdomens!

    Someone did argue, I don’t think this teacher is going to budge on any points ever. (I think about half the class missed it)

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