You don’t like bubbles?

I think Miss Thang is finally up from her winter slumber. None too soon, her tank was starting to stink royally. Hubbin and I made the big move to clean it last weekend. She was having some lunch in the bathtub while we were working. I walked into the bathroom cause I heard her throwing her bowl around and she looked up as if to say “You! Servant! Fetch me another egg!”

I understand why, but let me tell you, hibernation produces some pretty RANK tegu odor. She hasn’t really been moving around for a few months so she’s got this layer of skin waiting to be shed. It is still attached and collects all kinds of junk in the middle. She also essentially been wallowing in her own waste for the past few months because she’s been too lazy to move somewhere else to go to the bathroom.

We don’t usually bathe them, when they shed whatever odor there was goes into the trashcan. We sometimes soak them in warm water, and we have ONCE washed Miss Thang with soap when she was particularly stank. While Hubbin was using the shop vac on her tank I had her in the bathroom. I was helping her get the extra skin off her legs and feet and then decided that really, she just needs some soap. So into the tub she went, with water this time. I used our detachable shower nozzle to bring the water down into the tub, and gently spray it on her back. At first she was thinking *what a wonderful life, look at my human spraying me with warm water* and she spread herself out in the tub and looked like she might relax. Then I busted out the antibacterial bodywash. I know, it’s not meant for lizards, but trust me, she NEEDED IT. Not a moment after I started with the rub down she FLIPPED out. Trying despearately to scale the bathtub wall. First walking, then trying to leap out of the bathtub. (She’s too big to leep now, so really it looked a bit comical) I ignored her protests and continued to wash her. Hubbin walked in and rescued her when I was on my final rinse. He kneeled by the tub and she went right to him and climbed up his arm, he held her for a while, then she decided she’d be safer on his shoulder and then tried to scale his head. (ouch, claws) She sat on her perch and huffed at me for a full 30 minutes after the bath. If looks could kill! I think I should wear shoes around her for the time being šŸ˜‰

Today she’s forgiven me and is pacing like she’s hungry again. I think this means she’s up for the summer.


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