I excpected the worst and that is what I got

This weekend I made myself positively ill. With cottage cheese. Ew. Never speak it’s name around me again. It is now more despised than tequilla in my mind.

In an attempt to be more health conscious, we bought cottage cheese and fruit. Husband likes cottage cheese, I had never tasted it. He assured me it was mild tasting and quite healthy. Lots of protein. Low fat. Sound nice? It’s not. So I got up Sunday prepared for the full day of studying I had planned. I decided I would be healthy, I had probably half a cup of cottage cheese and some fruit. I took just a tiny bite first.

“Hey, it’s not so bad”
“See I told you it was mild”
“it tastes kind of like cheese!”
“well I was expecting it to taste like curdled yogurt!”

Then I went upstairs and started reading pharmacology. (Being a nurse isn’t like being in nursing school right? ‘Cause if so I’m starting to think this was a BAD idea) And then I got kind of a twinge in my stomach. I said to myself “self, ignore that, we’re keeping an open mind about this cottage cheese business, and it’s good for you”… An hour later I was complaining I felt nauseated and felt like I had a rock in my stomach. And it just got worse and worse till I found myself sitting on the side of the tub facing the toilet willing the cottage cheese to play nice.

We will now add cottage cheese to the extremely short list of dairy products I will not eat. It’s a short list #1. Ice Cream (unfortunate I know) and now #2. Cottage Cheese. I didn’t think cottage cheese had a lot of lactose?


One thought on “I excpected the worst and that is what I got

  1. Oooh. We have cottage cheese in our fridge right now and I’m wondering if I want to eat it… Uhhhhh… 😀

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