How can you operate a state like this?!

So I wasn’t going to say anything, but clearly I just can’t help myself. I’ve run across this particular quote about three times in various news articles regarding the purple snowstorm that just went through.

[name], who is hyperglycemic, was trapped for 20 hours while on his way home to Hartford, Connecticut, from visiting his terminally ill mother in Georgia, along with his girlfriend and pregnant daughter.

“How could you operate a state like this? It’s totally disgusting,” [name] said.

The summary of this article is that 1+ foot of snow fell in eastern Pennsylvania this week and hundreds of motorists were stranded on the highway, and how food was being ferried out to motorists by hummer while they were waiting to be towed/excavated from the snow. Now I have a few comments about this guy. “How could you operate a state like this? It’s totally disgusting”… Ummm, they’re bringing you food and towing you out what more do you want? The state of Pennsylvania didn’t cause the snowstorm? Big snowstorms don’t just happen they move from west to east across the whole country. Did you not hear about 3 days before this happened that they were getting oh a foot of snow in Indiana? If you’re making a long road trip and there’s 1+ foot of snow forecasted for your driving route, it might be advisable to stop, get a hotel room, and wait it out in the comfort of a hotel rather than trying to beat it. And holy sob-story batman. “hyperglycemic” “visiting his terminally ill mother” and in the car with his “pregnant daughter”… What exactly do you want the state of Pennsylvania to do for you that they’re not already doing? Send in a private helicopter?


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