Picture Post

Just because it’s been so long since I’ve posted pictures, AND everyone’s going to quit reading if all I do is whine. ;)… Here’s a cute picture of our two new baby geckos soaking in the hot tub. They don’t live together, but they seem to get along alright when you combine them in warm water… (just for some perspective as you scroll down, they’re probably about the size of Princess’s forearm, haha)
–leopard geckos have a little trouble shedding the skin on their toes without extra water–

My desk is set up in the room with the Tegus so while I’m spending hours upon hours reading and highlighting I let whoever’s up out of the tank to pace around the room a little and get some exercise. This time of the year Princess seems to be the only one who’s ready for an adventure. Here’s a shot of her basking in the winter sunlight. You can see on her back left foot that she did a little dusting under the guest bed for me 😉
“Hey Princess, how about you and me blow this popsicle stand and head for the beach?”

I’m also going to take this moment to show you how much princess has grown! We got her about 14 months ago (so she’s probably 15/16 months old now, measuring a few inches over 2 feet) This shot is from the very first night we had her home. Just a little handful and a big belly back then. I can’t believe how little and brown she was!


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