Purple Snow Day

Here’s what my day looks like, how about yours? They’ve cancelled evening classes (that means my clinical shift too) and I couldn’t be happier!

Hubbin Said “Someone needs to take that groundhog and feed it to a hawk!”…. but that was before they closed his school for the day.


3 thoughts on “Purple Snow Day

  1. We only got an hour of rain out of that forecast–how’d YOU fare? 🙂 We also got a cold front that is going to last the whole time my best friend is in town. Honestly! 🙂

  2. We got a snow day, too…for a measly one inch of snow. Sort of embarrassing! But since my workplace is closed the first day of any weather-related school closings (yes, I know, random), I’m at home loafing while poor MB is at work freezing.

    I’m happy that you’re getting a break, even though you’ll probably have to spend the whole day doing homework 😛

  3. You musts be somewhere near me. I am in Western PA and we got slammed. Loving it though. Everything closed early yesterday and all of the schools are closed today.

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