Someone’s in Looooooove

The biggest event in the SSFB house by far this week (That is if you toss aside all my petty personal matters of, you know, trying to further my career to better our lives) was the unveiling of the new Pontiac G8. Hubbin is a car man yes indeedy. All-Auto-All-The-Time. The conversation during the third video of the Chicago Auto show per your enjoyment:

Hubbin: *staring glee-fully at the video of the unveiling* It’s more than I could have hoped for! I love what they did with the front end!
SSFB: *dramatically rolls eyes* You look like the gecko hunting crickets.
Hubbin: No seriously, I’m just thinking of picking our kid up from day care…
SSFB: You are not, you’re thinking of tearing down the highway
Hubbin: You didn’t let me finish! … I’m thinking of picking our kid up from day care and leaving some tread in the parking lot.
SSFB: …and then tearing down the highway.
Hubbin: But look, it has 4 doors and a trunk! All your complaints about the GTO! I could just hug you Bob!!!! (That’s the head Pontiac guy that my husband is currently thinking of leaving me for because clearly I just do not appreciate good automotive art.)

****edit Hubbin says “I wouldn’t leave your for Bob Lutz but I’d definitely buy him a beer”


2 thoughts on “Someone’s in Looooooove

  1. I was waiting for the Tim the “Tool Man” Taylor grunts to be in there somewhere! πŸ™‚
    Have a great weekend!

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