Items from the week, In no particular order…

  1. This week I passed my first skills test so I’m now officially allowed to write down numbers when I take blood pressures or temperatures. Woohoo. I only dropped the thermometer once from nerves while I was doing it too 😉
  2. I had my second or third emotional breakdown since school started 4 weeks ago, so I’m averaging roughly 1 emotional meltdown per week. That’s probably normal right?
  3. I was not happy at all with my grade from Monday’s test (hence third breakdown) and have thus resolved to study harder. Possible? TBD
    • I did however feel slightly better after speaking with the rest of my clinical group, because I got the distinct impression we all missed exactly the same questions.
    • This assumption was confirmed later in the week when the lecture teacher posted on the website that everyone was asking why _____ was on the test when it wasn’t included in her study outline. My impression from her response was she included that information on purpose just to be an ass.
  4. Though it has yet to go into effect the highlight of the week was definately the potential-future raise. (“potential-future” because I’m not an optimist by nature)
  5. I have a hot date planned this weekend to celebrate my 2 year anniversary with the Hubbin! –Otherwise I intend to not leave my desk for the entirety of the weekend (refer to item 3, “resolve to study harder”)–
  6. I further attempted to reassure myself about nursing school by reading through the archives of Katie’s “Confessions of a Student Nurse” blog about her first few months in school. I think I can, I think I can.
  7. Today I had a fight with the vending machine. I was just wanting “something” so I went down and in an attempt to pick a lesser of evils I decided on getting a pack of swedish fish out of the vending machine rather than a bag of potato chips (have I mentioned my love affair with all things salty?) So I insert my 75cents and hit the buttons and the bag gets hung up on the very corner of the wire. GAH. So I decide… “ok ok, I’ll just get a second one and keep it in my desk” so I enter in an additional 75cents and hit the same buttons. Usually… this results in doubled goods right? OH NO, not this time! The first bag falls and the second bag gets stuck! $1.50 for this stupid bag of swedish fish. Can you believe it?! I decided to cut my losses and not contribute anymore $$. Don’t you worry, I flicked off that vending machine as the elevator doors were closing.

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