Lost and Found

Coworker: I am SO pissed! He’s lying, I can tell! I wonder what he would have said if I had called him on it.
SSFB: He would have been the same whiney little brat he was when I called him out on leaving a decaying rat out overnight.
Coworker: I just CAN’T believe this. They interfere with our work so much!
SSFB: Hey, hide your instruments. I’m not even joking. Just hide them, and don’t let the fellows use them.
Coworker: I’m thinking about hanging a sign that says they are on the honor policy using our scissors and they need to be put back if they want to use them. This is just SO frustrating.
SSFB: No, no. We’re WAY past that point, we’ve been on the honor system and they can’t use it. I think we should just hide the instruments from them.
Coworker: *laughs*
SSFB: Don’t laugh, I’m serious… last I checked I’m supposedly the lab manager, and I will fully support you starting a signout sheet for our instruments. I’m sick of everything they use either disappearing totally or being ruined. It’s rediculous, return what you borrow in good condition, these are skills you learn in Kindergarten. We’ll just keep everything in a locked drawer and they’ll have to ask permission to use it.

Our lab has been missing two of our best pairs of dissecting sissors. I’m sure I wouldn’t have mentioned this before because who cares about missing sissors? Even though it is holy inconvienient for me and my coworkers trying to share the two decent remaining pairs it doesn’t seem significant enough to post about on my blog.

That is until today, when we found the culprit. Now it seems very relevant

Today Fellow3 of the famed decaying-rat-left-for-me-to-clean-up-incident, came to the lab to continue working on his experiment. He set out his ice tray, got all set up with instruments, saline and left to go up to the animal floor. That’s when my coworker came in for the day and called me over to look at the lab bench. There, neatly cleaned in a little plastic baggie beside his ice tray sat the same two pairs of scissors that my coworker has been looking for for nearly 3 months. Along with two small forceps.

She was instantly fumeing. Understandably. He had stolen her best instruments and apparently kept them with him for his own personal use. She has torn the lab apart looking for them, we had finally accepted they were stolen last week and we had shelled out $80 to buy new ones.

There are a lot of people (let’s just be blunt, there are a lot of fellows) who come through our lab who don’t have any respect for our equipment. They’re here doing their research once every 3 or 4 months so if something is misplaced it doesn’t bother them. If they don’t clean up after themselves, or don’t put something back where it belongs it doesn’t matter to them. Don’t even get me started on my styrofoam box!

Now don’t get me wrong, we have probably 10 pairs of scissors total, but dispite my best efforts with the sharpening stone they’re just old. And I know how she feels. I myself picked out my two pairs of favorites long ago and keep them in a special box in my drawer. I only let certain people borrow them because it seems like every time people borrow them they’re not put back or I go to use them and they’re dull. It’s just not fair to us, we’re here everyday. We use these instruments everyday. Nearly every single fellow that comes through here just shows absolutely no respect for our equipment.


2 thoughts on “Lost and Found

  1. Isn’t it atrocious how some supposedly-professional adults don’t have the manners of an average 5-year-old? Where I work, there is someone who steals food. If you bring something in and don’t have your name scrawled all over it, this person will just take it. Maybe it’s just because I was raised to not take / eat / use anything that’s not mine without permission, but I find this behavior absolutely unacceptable. Worse? The prime suspect is the top boss of the whole shebang.

  2. Ahhh! Scissor stealers are THE WORST!! Even if/when the scissors make it home, they’re all used and dull

    Hmmm… short stories! Actually! 🙂 I’m working on a book… just not a novel. If it ever gets finished/published, I’ll share. 🙂

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