Because of the cold weather Hubbin’ has the day off. What kind of justice is that? Every morning in June, July, and August I draaaag myself out of bed and off to work like a normal person while he sleeps. Now they have off because it’s too cold too?!

Last night when he got the phone call he was dancing around the livingroom bragging about his day off. I had to get up for work, and not only that, but do they cancel community college when there’s bad weather? No. So I’m going to work AND school today.

Like any normal 30ish year old, Hubbin’ spent the entire night playing his Xbox 360 and I think finally fell asleep on the couch somewhere around 4 or 5. I didn’t feel quite as jealous this morning when I was getting ready for work at 6am and the power went off… it’s an awwwwfully cold day to be sleeping in the living room with no furnace. Brrrr….


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