Though I seriously contemplated starting a new label today “Whinefest 2007”, in an effort to remain positive (and take my mind off how I really just want to talk about how tired I am) I will instead make an effort to list the top 10 things I will miss about my job after I graduate from nursing school -in no particular order-:

  1. My coworkers. While I complain about the fellows that drift in and out of our lab, all the people I work with full-time I really do like.
  2. My boss. She takes a little getting used to, and time to time will just make you totally crazy, I really do like her most of the time.
  3. Being able to really and genuinely gross people out by the mere mention of what I actually do (without even really going into detail: “gynecological disease” “oh ok, gross, I don’t want to hear about it”). It is rare to find someone who is comfortable discussing details of my work over dinner.
  4. Being able to sound crazy intelligent by talking lab-talk and dropping phrases like “biochemical assays” “secondary antibodies” “immunofluorescent staining” “matrix metalloproteinases” without batting an eye. (Although truth-be-told my previous job in the neurology lab was WAYYYY better for that stuff).
  5. The ability to arrange for a “quiet day” when I’m not very productive and still manage to not fall behind
  6. Having flexible work hours. A real blessing when going to “evening & weekend” nursing school. I loved waking up at 6 to go to work this morning and greeting my husband in the bathroom only to hear him say ‘What are you doing up? You should sleep in till 8 today, you’ll feel better’ and actually being able to reset my alarm for later and crawl back into bed. Also under this category is 6b. Not having to clock-in or out of work.
  7. Not having to talk to anyone all day if I don’t want to. Because I work in a lab and scientists aren’t overly social by nature.
  8. The ability to wear jeans to work every single day because scientists are not really so much into fashion either.
  9. Being able to listen to my iPod for the whole day. Be it music or listening to an audiobook.
  10. Having totally unrestrained access to the internet while at work. Afterall how can you really go about blocking inappropriate websites when people regularly need to do google searches on all things vagina related?

One thought on “T-G-I-F

  1. Phew for not having to work on the weekend! šŸ™‚ Or at least that’s what I read into your TGIF… šŸ™‚

    I have thought about using the Flickr program because my friend Tanya does… But then I got all carried away with wanting to be an individual and yadda yadda… I might have to reconsider my stance if I can’t figure this thing out!! šŸ™‚

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