Ahh, to sit…

Ahh, how refreshing to be sitting at my desk at work! I’m sure it’s going to get worse before it gets better but it’s certainly been feast or famine around here with time to type entries and post comments. I still read, I promise.

My schedule yesterday required as much precision as a shuttle launch but I managed to pull it off. And now I have precisely 15 minutes to type about it before I need to leave for my labs! yikes!

Yesterday morning I had to get up at 5:45 so that I would be at work sitting in the auditorium for grand rounds. Nope, not related to nursing school at all. There was a big fancy-pants doctor/researcher visiting our institution for the day and my boss told us it would be good if we went. He gave an hour long lecture on Pelvic Prolapse and all of his research (this is what we are researching as well). I have to tell you, this was the single best scientific talk I have ever attended. I didn’t once feel the need to doze off to spare my sanity! I did however send my husband a text message after the talk saying I think our 5 year plan should include adoption… The fancy-pants doctor had excellent slides of everything, great very descriptive MRI videos… The one that really got me though? Was the short video loop he had up of childbirth injury, a lovely close up shot right as the head pops out and mother splits down the middle. Sure, I’ve seen it before, I’ve been at live births… No one wants to see that on a 10 second video loop ehh? No one especially wants that video left up in a repetative loop while you go off on a tangent. Splitting down the middle, increased risk of your vagina falling out when you get old? ….Adoption is sounding pretty good.

Then after a group breakfast/informal discussion I went back to the lab to pack up all the supplies for our trip to the monkey facility. I hadn’t talked to my boss in days so I didn’t really even know what our plan was out there! Packing was quite a struggle. The only instructions she left us with was “bring a lot of specimen tubes”… usually I take a box of 25, so I brought 75… I don’t know? It is always nice when you quantify “a lot” to someone. They only ended up using 5 tubes. Which is probably only 1/5th the amount of tubes we normally use.

The fancy-pants doctor was helping my boss go through and help her pick out all the homologus structures in the monkey so they could document everything. My clinical shift started at 3 and I had never driven from the monkey facility to the nursing home so I wanted to leave enough time for me to get lost on the way there… I decided I would excuse myself from the monkey surgery at 2pm. The only glitch with this is I’m the primary person to process all the specimens we collect… so I had to give my coworker a quick 5 minutes lesson on how to use my documentation forms and how I wanted everything labeled, what goes into what solution etc etc… They collected the first specimen at 1:55 and the rest followed in rapid fire so it was really hectic and I felt kind of guilty for leaving right when it was really my turn to start working. (I had only been standing by and watching prior to that moment)

I discovered I left the surgery wayyyy to early because it took me less than 15 minutes to drive to the nursing home from there. The shift at the nursing home went pretty well but by the time I got there I was pretty much done for the day, I found I couldn’t sit down because my eyes would start to glaze over. I got some more great faux-history from my cute old lady. This week I was supposed to be asking her for her health history. I did, because I do what I’m told, but do I honestly believe she trained for the CIA/FBI in elementary school, spent 8 years fighting in the war and was only ever hospitalized when she was having bullets removed from her arm? No, no I don’t. I also had a wonderful 20 minute discussion with another alzheimers afflicted old lady in which she told me she was darlene and diane’s mother no less than 40 times.

I was pretty pooped by the time I got home… as I’m sure I will be tonight when I get home at 10:30 after labs… For so much hard effort, I have been rewarded with a good hair day 🙂 “horrah, horrah”


One thought on “Ahh, to sit…

  1. Sounds like you are meeting yourself coming and going!
    I am glad your seminar was interesting, at least. It is torture when they are snoozefests and you just fight yourself to stay awake!

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