You Dirty Rat

*Consider this your sensitive reader warning*

This morning I came in and Fellow3’s rat from yesterday has been left wrapped up in a dirty disposable blue pad (as in bleeding through) on the center table next to his dirty instruments. Mmmm, thanks. Who doesn’t love the smell of a decaying animal first thing in the morning? Moreso really, I love walking in, smelling the animal and knowing I’ll be the one cleaning it up.

So I cleaned it up and then sent him the following email:

It is important that you clean up and dispose of your animals properly on the same day you have dissected them. They begin to decay in as little as overnight and no one in the lab appreciates coming to work in the morning to the smell of a rotting animal.

I thought the email was both adult and professional. I did not use any exclamation points [!!!!!!] nor was there any SHOUTING. And let’s face it… he left a dead bloody animal on my workspace overnight and it smelled. I would have been well within my rights to use either. You’re an adult, you’ve got kids, you’re physician, clean up after yourself! This is a work environment, be respectful. I doubt your wife lets you leave dirty dishes/clothes laying around?

I didn’t expect a particular response, but if I had been on the receiving end of such an email I likely would have emailed back “ooo, I’m really sorry!” Did he write me back anything? No. Far better! He CALLED ME! And not to apologize either! To bitch at me!

Our conversation went like this

“hello this is SSFB”
“Hi, uh what’s your last name now?” (in a sarcastic mocking tone)
“And is this your pissy email to me about the rat?!”
“Oh… yep” (I’m sounding cheerful throughout the conversation btw because I could tell he was angry)
“Well I mean I didn’t do it on purpose you know, I didn’t just leave it out. I just forgot”
“That’s fine”
“well I mean it’s not like I did it on purpose!”
Then he said “alright that’s all” and hung up on me.

It is not my job to clean up after you! He’s lucky I didn’t call him and insist that he come straight over to clean up his own bloody, smelly animal. I wasn’t mad at him, I just wanted to make him aware of his mistake. I will not retract my email, I’m glad I sent it… because if I didn’t, I’m sure he would have just done it again. We all make mistakes, that’s fine. I’ve left tissue out overnight too… My coworker once left three rats out for a whole weekend, the lab smelled like holyhell when we came in on Monday. I told her she needed to clean up after herself as well. Did I yell at her? No. Did she get offended? No. Of course not, because anyone with enough sense knows better than to get mad at someone for saying something to them about leaving a bloody decaying animal on the table.


2 thoughts on “You Dirty Rat

  1. What a jerk! I bet he was just pissed someone *dared* to call him out for his ridiculously disgusting behavior! Because he must think he’s all that and a bag of chips to get all uppity instead of just apologizing. Good for you for sending the email, and down with dirty dead-rat-leavers 😛

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