Lip and Mouth Disease

This post shall be all about whining. For real entertainment see the previous post on the dead decaying rat one of the physicians I work with left for me to clean up… now that’s a good time.

I seem to have caught a raging case of lip and mouth disease this week, and I’m in pain. What is Lip and Mouth Disease you ask? I’ve just invented it! It comes from a nasty combination of dry cracked lips and an ulcer.

I don’t know what it is about this winter but I have never had dry skin to the extreme degree that I’m having this winter. I’d blame it on our house, but we were already living here before LAST winter, and I didn’t have these problems last year. It’s gotten so that after every shower I have to nearly bathe myself in lotion to stave off the itching. This week the dry lips started. There’s nothing that irritates me quite like chapped lips. If you knew me, I’d tell you to ask my friends from elementary school about the chapstick collection I used to have…. No, I’m not kidding, why? Do you think that’s weird? My poor bottom lip split in two places this week! This is unheard of! I’ve decided this has got to mean I’m dehydrated (another thing you may not know about me is my first explaination for any ailment, be it migranes to a hang-nail, is always dehydration) so I’m forcing large quantities of water on myself today.

To make matters worse, yesterday I got one of those little white ulcers in my mouth. I HATE THOSE! Why do they always need to locate themselves right where the tip of your tooth rubs on it?! The banana I packed for lunch today is awfully painful to eat! This I’m not blameing on dehydration… This I am blameing solely on nursing school. Yes, that’s right. I blame YOU Nursing School! All the stupid stress I’ve been creating for myself trying to figure out what’s going on has now caused an ulcer in my mouth. Any home remedy for these internet? I’m convinced listerine (while excruciatingly painful) is effective at making them go away faster… as is extra Vitamin C… neither of which I currently have at home.

One last thing I’m going to take this opportunity to whine about is my contacts are driving me CRAZY today, all week I felt like they’ve been extra itchy and extra fuzzy, and it finally occurred to me today when I realized it was payday… I was supposed to start a new pair LAST weekend. So I’ve been wearing my 2-week contacts for an extra week and that’s why they’re bugging me… oopsies.


3 thoughts on “Lip and Mouth Disease

  1. I hate dry skin too! And lips! Don’t get me started on cracked lips! My hands always crack and bleed in the wintertime, secondary to the 50+ times I wash my hands each shift. I’ve never had pretty, delicate hands – but in the wintertime they are absolutely disgusting looking! You have my sympathy!

    Hope this will be a better week! 🙂

  2. Let me try that again…

    I sympathize with your cracked lips as mine are also prone to doing that. Just a few days ago ( on the weekend) my lips cracked and where they cracked, one of those little white ulcers sort of grew there… it bloody hurts and its a really annoying place to be as it hurts even when i smile!… Just thought I share my freak of nature lips…

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