‘Tis Tuesday and I’m Changing the Schedule Already…

It’s only Tuesday and I’m behind at work already 😦

There is a certain “work irony” in the fact that my boss likes for us to give her schedules of what our plans for the next two weeks are. I’ve previously typed about how I’m always behind on my to do lists… and there’s a good reason for that. Sure sure, some of it comes from me enjoying having a slow day at work every once in a while (read: slacking). But hey, I always get everything she asks me to get done when she asks me to have it done, and that’s all that really matters anyway right? I always take a moment and laugh to myself when she asks us to send her a two week schedule because I’m sure having the schedules makes her feel more like an orgainized boss but the schedules are never valid for more than two days. Why? Because she gives us new *priority* stuff to do instead, so the whole schedule is constantly being shifted back. Take this week for instance: I had a full plan of exactly what I was going to do each day to have the western blot she asked me to do finished by Friday. I also fully intend on staining the new primate slides I cut last week, so we could look those over at our next meeting.

Will this all get done now? No. Why? Because I got an email Monday from my boss informing me that our (BIG BIG) grant renewal is due in a week so I have all this new stuff I need to do ASAP so the grant renewal is ready to mail.

Tonight is my first night of clinical and I’m nervous! I’m also very upset with myself because I didn’t remember until midnight last night that I forgot to do my drug calculations homework. I was too caught up in watching the lab DVDs to make sure I was (at least mostly) familiar with all the techniques we learned this week. -now mind you I did get home last night at 10pm so it’s not like I was loafing around all afternoon and evening watching American Idol or something, I had class starting at 4- I would do my math today over my lunch break at work but they assigned us 50 PAGES OF PROBLEMS?! There’s no way I’ll be able to finish all of that before clinical 😦

Last night was also overwhelming in a good way because we checked our mailbox last night (it may have been days since we last checked, that’s just how things have been going around here recently) and there were honestly about 30 sympathy cards waiting for us in our mailbox. In a big pile of circulars more and more cards just kept falling out, we kept thinking we had opened them all, then more would fall out. From all over the country and even out of the country. It was unbelievable how many people took the time to write something inside a card and mail it to us. My husband even got two cards that were signed by all of his students and that brought him to tears. A check for the salvation army, and two cards from the library saying donations had been made in his honor… He said all of that would have just meant so much to his father, and I can assure you it meant a lot to us too.


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