I’ve been Mauled

-Last night I stayed home to clean while Hubbin went to watch a movie with his Mama at the hospital-

SSFB: “Can I please tell you what happened while you were gone?!”
Hubbin: “Sure”
SSFB: “I got bit by a spider!”
Hubbin: “Oh no, how bad?”
SSFB: “not bad at all”
Hubbin: “Was it a fatal bite for the spider?”
SSFB: “NO! I didn’t even see the spider! I didn’t realize what happened till just before I was getting in the shower. Look it’s right here”
Hubbin: *looks* “awww”
SSFB: “I was picking up a dish towel off the stove, and it felt like the stove shocked me, but it hurt a lot more. And I remember at the time thinking it was weird that the stove shocked me… to the point I looked at both sides of the dish towel to see if anything was crawling on it, maybe I got stung?”
Hubbin: “and then you saw the spider?”
SSFB: “no! I never saw it! and I didn’t see anything on my hand either, but then I was pulling back the shower curtain and I saw two tiny bloodspots on my hand right where it hurt earlier. So I’m guessing that’s what happened”
Hubbin: “My wife was mauled!”
SSFB: “I was! So you have orders to kill on sight!”
Hubbin: “How is that different from my existing orders?”
SSFB: “Only that you never followed your existing orders, you just tried to pretend you didn’t see them”
Hubbin: *laughs* “Only sometimes! Ok, I’ll kill, I promise”

(The bite is seriously less than a milimeter across, but that’s so not the point)


2 thoughts on “I’ve been Mauled

  1. Don’t worry about not blogging/commenting–I’ve been a commenting absentee lately too… I can only barely get time to blog these days–and not because I’m so busy with the babies, it’s because Jonathan’s on the computer! 😀 I almost didn’t have time to comment today either because I was on the phone with him, helping him with directions to this interview he’s going to… *sigh* Men! He’s so helpless without me! 😀

  2. I don’t dislike spiders, and I try not to kill them (especially in the house), but biting clearly violates The Contract. I hope your hand is better soon!

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