Sturkey Claus

I’m in a posting mood but don’t have anything in particular to type about this morning, so instead I will make you drool with a Christmas cookie photo…. Traditionally (as in for the past nearly 10 years now) One of my best friends, we’ll call him GBF would come over to my house on Christmas eve and decorate Christmas cookies with me. GBF and I are friends from youth group at church so it all worked out perfectly we would decorate cookies then head off to the Christmas eve service together. This was likely the last year this will ever happen because GBF hasn’t been living here since college and the day after Christmas this year his parents packed up and moved across the country. Anyway, this year we tortured my husband and made him decorate cookies with us even though he’d rather be chatting about electronics, computers, and cars with my father. And the cookie on the left is mine, a Santa, the cookie on the right is Husband’s, a Turkey. Both from the same cookie cutter. It is actually a santa, but I laughed real hard when he flipped it on it’s side and made a turkey because both GBF and I have made this mistake before. I guess it’s kind of a Rorschach Test… Santa? or Turkey?

Overheard at the Time:

Husband: “and does that make it a Sturkey or a Stankey? Is it Stanky Claus?”


2 thoughts on “Sturkey Claus

  1. So what does this test reveal about your husband?? 😀 And the Santa’s adorable–what did you use for the nose? We made sugar cookies for Halloween and that was my extent of 2006 fancy cookie making… Orange icing to boot, but ONLY orange. 😀 Maybe we’ll get creative for Valentine’s Day… 😀

  2. This reveals that he doesn’t think in terms of Christmas 😉 Santa’s got no nose, that’s his mouth :). It’s just icing. Those christmas sugar cookies are some of my faaavorite cookies. With the real good icing (made of just powdered sugar, butter, and milk? mmmmmmmm)

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