While I could have gone out and spent $650 on my fantasy desk I instead went out yesterday and spent $650 on my books for Nursing 101. (and yes that’s right, $650 for books for ONE CLASS) This was the first time I have purchased my books physically at the community college and let me tell you it was an experience. First, they have the area with the books roped off so you do not go and browse for your own books. You need to take an employee with you, one at a time, to pick up the books. First she didn’t want to help me because I didn’t have my class schedule so she didn’t know what books I needed. (mind you the books are all marked with what class they correspond with) I told her I was taking Nursing 101, that’s it. She wanted to know what section. There are two. I told her it doesn’t matter they’re the identical class, the books are the same. She was not happy with me. Fortunately a man showed up at the same time also wanting to buy books for Nursing 101, also without his schedule and also assuring her that the books are the same regardless of the section. So then, I’m taking my hulking pile of books up to the checkout counter and the woman checking me out says “Can I have your schedule?” I say “I don’t have my schedule?” (I’m only taking one class for heaven’s sake, I’ve got my schedule memorized!) “Well I’ll need to see your student ID” “I never got a Student ID?” she says “I’m sorry you’re only allowed to buy books here if you’re registered for classes here.”…. Eventually the manager says it’s ok and while she was ringing them up I asked if they frequently had people coming in to spend $650 on books for classes they weren’t taking. She chuckled and said that she didn’t know why they want to see proof of schedule.

“Hmmm, I think I’ll head to the book store and pick up a little light reading… Fundamentals of Nursing and Dosage Calculations sound like some good reads don’t you think?”


One thought on “$650

  1. You know what… Actually I feel kind of sorry for that girl who was helping you–both of them. It’s more than often policy that keeps this A-types insisting… The balance is that they need to back off when they realize that you’ve got a pretty good idea what you’re doing. Also! Having worked at a college (in several different departments), sometimes it does make a difference what section of the class you’re in–different teachers, different preferences, that kind of thing. 🙂

    So much for your dream desk… You still have something to dream about as you drool on your $650 textbooks!

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