I’m at work, it nearing 10am. I now officially have my Christmas break hangover. That is a non-alcoholic hangover mind you, it’s a sleep hangover. The kind caused by sleeping in as long as possible each day of vacation and then shocking your system by getting up at 6am. To the point I feel like simply holding my eyes in the open position is causing severe eye strain and can we please turn off the lab lights and work in the dark?

As such this promises to be a widely disjointed post. I can virtually assure you I will be posting more than once today to make up for all the things I wanted to post over break but just never got the chance. (And also because no one has enough sense today on January 2nd to actually do anything productive at work)

We got home moderately late last night (for a work-night) around 9, and since I had so much energy I decided I would unclog our bathroom sink. AND I DID! Holy cow. I actually donned gloves and took out two sections of pipe and removed more than 1-fist-full of decaying black mass from our drain. And enough hair to possibly make a wig the next time I’m feeling crafty?

It may or may not have been mentioned here before but we have an elderly leopard gecko. He is very cute, and surprisingly behaves like the crotchety old man that he is. Like any old man, we suspect his vision is not quite what it should be an thus his hunting skills are not what they once were. Two days ago we went to the big, fauncy pet store and bought some “man-sized” crickets. It’s rare we make it out to the store that has these “man-sized” crickets so we got him 18 rather than 12, the generous holiday spirit dontcha know. Let me tell you: These man-sized crickets were loud mother fuckers. And I don’t say that lightly. They woke me up throughout the night with their incessant chirping. Nothing like a loud chirping at 4am, right?

While I was declogging the drain I brought Princess into the bathroom so she could get a little exploring out of her system. She had lots to drink and inspected the bathroom for stray food. Earlier that day I had trapped a rogue cricket (they escape from time to time… especially true of the manly man-sized ones) under a cup (because frankly they creep me out and I don’t like to touch them, so when I can I catch them under a cup and that allows me to put them back in the gecko’s tank at my leisure) Just for fun, while princess was checking out the blue cup, I lifted it and released the man-sized cricket. I wasn’t sure if Princess considers herself too large & important to go after crickets. In fact, she does not. It’s hard to say if Tegu’s experience joy, but from a human perspective she appeared very enthusiastic about chasing this speedy hopping little thing…. Then I hatched a plan…. to dispose of the nuisance loud crickets. I put princess in the tub and used my cup to trap the crickets that were singing and toss them into the tub with her. I trapped two that I caught singing and then I saw one cricket bite the gecko on the elbow, that will not do… it had to go too, then I trapped a couple more that looked like they might have been causing trouble. Of course as soon as you open the lid they all get quiet. After I fished a few out I declared “What? No singing now?” mwa haha. Princess happily chased after them and one by one solved our obnoxious cricket problem. I saved 7 for the elderly gecko, but let it be known, no cricket dared awake us last night.


One thought on “Hangover

  1. I feel bad for not visiting your blog in a while! I love the new blue/snowflakes background. The holidays are over and I am ready to get back into my routine. I will be back soon to catch up on all that I’ve missed!
    Happy New Year!

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