How was your day?

Today I was poohed on, peed on, and bled on by a monkey, how about yourself?

I had planned on leaving work early today but we had a surprise trip out to the animal facility for a 20 minute biopsy. Of course being as this is a day everyone likes to leave work early (or on time at the latest) there were complications with the biopsy and we were there for more than an hour. Geez Louise. It was our most dramatic biopsy yet. I’ve changed scrubs and washed my hands 6 times but I always feel dirty for the rest of the day after going to the monkey facility. Shame I have a jam packed evening planned… Trip to give the grandparents their gift, decorating cookies with my parents, then going out with friends that are in town. I’d really prefer to just go home and take a shower now.


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