Gigs up

Only a few days away from Christmas now and my great creative alternative gift idea has been blown out of the water.

My dad called me yesterday one step short of calling the FBI because he received and unsolicitated email (from his troop). He was completely freaked out that this person had his email address, but more specifically knew he had a daughter. He was calling to find out if I knew anything about it.

I explained that indeed I did, and that it was supposed to be a SURPRISE Christmas present. That I sent one in honor of him, of my mother, and my grandparents. He said he thought it was a very thoughtful gift… but unfortunately I think it was totally overshadowed by the paranoia it brought on. And here I was worried the packages wouldn’t get to Iraq in time and the troops are firing off their thank you notes before I even have time to tell people what’s going on!

The same troop sent me an email too saying how much they appreciated it and how much they are enjoying everything. So that’s nice 🙂 I wish I had thought of this before this Christmas! Plus now cute Husband is all inspired and thinks we should send them more stuff ‘just cause’ after the holidays. Those gift packages are the presents I’m most excited about handing out this weekend (I’m giving the people that I sent them ‘in honor of’ little card packages).


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