Walk, not wheel, the dog

Overheard today at work:

Coworker: “SSFB, have you checked out Perez Hilton recently?”

SSFB: “No, why? I’m on my way…”

Coworker: “Wait till you see what Paris Hilton is wearing, it’s just not flattering”

SSFB: “When you have as much money as she does and are as ‘popular’ as she is, it doesn’t matter, it’s stylish simply because she’s wearing it”…. “Ok, but here’s my real problem. Tori Spelling. Needs to quit wheeling her dog around in the baby carriage. Her dog is morbidly obese, her dog probably has type II diabetes. I mean look at this dog, it looks like a little sausage. It might explode. She needs to let this dog get some exercise!”

Coworker: “no kidding!”


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