Research & Cookies

Two days this week I’ve had a fellow that I’m training to do some lab stuff. Fellows are just shy of becoming independant doctors, and part of their fellowship (usually) includes a research requirement. So we get fellows rotating through, learning how to do “basic science” (that’s what they call it at anyrate) as opposed to “clinical research”. Clinical research, just so we’re all straight, would be like testing a new drug or testing a new surgical technique. Whereas basic science would be biochemical testing (you can be the judge of which is more “basic”…)

Teaching a fellow how to do their own project is kind of like baking cookies with a little kid. You have to let them do it as much as possible, because the whole point is for them to learn to do things by themselves, learn new techniques and make their own mistakes…

While inside, you’re cringing at the eggshell falling into the cookie batter.


One thought on “Research & Cookies

  1. Ha ha ha–depends on the age of the kid! lol Either activity, though, you’re right–it takes a TON of energy and a TON of tongue-biting! 🙂

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