Fighting the Establishment

Also known as
So Much for Patient Privacy: Part 2

As part of starting my clinicals in January I had to go over to my primary doctor’s today to get a physical (nevermind you that I was just in there in September for my yearly physical). As part of this health sheet we have to turn in, they want titers drawn for everything you may or may not have been vaccinated for somewhere along the line. Measles, Chickenpox, Rubella, Mumps, Hepatitis B, Tetanus, blah blah blah.

I leave my doctor’s office today script in hand and head down to the lab on the lower floor. I register at registration and go to the lab. My script & registration form both have my married name on them. When they call me to draw the blood they call me by my maiden name. I point out to the man at the desk and the woman who will be drawing my blood that the name printed on their stickers does not match the name on the perscription. They’re baffled. The man reasons “oh well you just registered and it will take 24 hours for the names to switch over in the system”. Logical, no? If I hadn’t had blood drawn at the same lab in September and had the results of my labs wrongly handed to my mother, I may have bought it. I told them there had already been a mix up with my bloodwork and I didn’t want it to happen again. The man said “Well does she have the first name as you?” I said “no” He said “Well they shouldn’t give it to her then, that’s a violation of…” (and just so you know I had to supply him with “HIPPA” to finish that sentence)

The man called registration to try and straighten things out and the woman took me back to draw a few tubes.

When we got back up to the front desk he told me that registration had now officially changed my name in the system.
I said “Oh good, Thank you!”
They changed it to Firstname Maidenlast-Newlast.
I said “But that’s not my name?”
He said “ohhh well..”excuse excuse…
And I said “Well doesn’t it make a difference that that doesn’t match my insurance card or driver’s license? Do I need to go back over to registration?”
The lady behind him who was obviously a lot more aggressive stands up and says “Yes it does”
He counters with “But it’s not my job! I’m not going to go get in a fight with admissions over this” and she snatches the paper from him and says “well I am”. I’m pretty sure everyone’s straightened out now….

Hopefully all my new bloodwork will make it into the right chart in my doctors office. Really, it’s not that I mind my mother knowing if I have immunity to measles, it’s not that I mind my mother finding out that I have low cholesterol. I have a good relationship with my mother, but it’s just the principle of it. I don’t want to have to worry that my bloodwork has been put on someone else’s chart or that someday if I have bloodwork for a more personal matter it might get casually handed to my mother. That isn’t really her business now.


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