Last night I stayed at my parent’s house, because I was in the area and because it makes my mom happy. (and when mom’s happy everybody’s happy). I woke up this morning and leisurely got ready, and leisurely stopped for some chai tea on my way to work at the local coffee shop. I found myself very jealous, jealous that I live out in the boonies and we have to drive at least 15 minutes to get anywhere. I am a little sad that we live in a rural area on a busy road. That Hubbin and I can’t take leisurely strolls on Saturday afternoons to the local coffee shop and schmooze with other people our age. Our upandcoming neighborhood hasn’t yet discovered the value of sidewalks so I feel like I am taking my life in my hands as soon as I set foot on our busy street. I don’t like the little pre-planned circular neighborhoods near us, that sprout houses like mushrooms. Our old house has much more charm, but sometimes I wish we had a little neighborhood like that to go with it.


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