Night at the Spa

So princess was a real princess this weekend. She had a trip to the local bathroom spa. We sometimes spring the tegu’s from their tanks to hang out in the bathroom while we’re showering. It’s pretty warm and humid and right up their alley. They are particularly fond of the giant space heater I like to run while I’m in the bathroom. I would title this picture of princess “Worship of the Highest Order” They usually explore around the bathroom for a few minute then plop in front of the heater and proceed to stretch out as much as possible so that all their possible surface area is catching the wonderful heat rays. I always get a good laugh out of the stretching their legs out and taking big sighs like they have had such an exhausting day and really just need to unwind, hehe.

More amusing during her night at the spa was Princess getting her nails done 😉 House pets generally have quite a pampered life to begin with, and this leads to reptils with sharp claws. Without trees to climb and dirt/rocks to dig through their claws have a tendancy to get a little pointy. While neither one of our tegus are particularly agressive (when it’s not meal time) if you’re holding them and they want to go somewhere you either let them go or they scratch you trying. I’m posting this picture of Princess getting her nails done.

She had a very fabulous friday night, she got to romp around a little in the bathroom, bask in the glow of the space heater and then had a little Mani-Pedi… and who doesn’t love a good night at the spa?


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