Voting and other Excitement

I have a new voting district this time around. So I was all patriotic and proactive and googled my new location and printed out a map while I was at work. I finished all my other errands and headed over to the voting spot. I park and walk over to XYZ volunteer fire department where the line is out the door. I collect my voting swag and I stand in line for 15 minutes (in the rain I might add). Finally I get to the front of the line and hand over my voter registration card and photo ID.

The old lady says “This is district 2, you are district 1”
I said “it says right here XYZ VFD, this is XYZ VFD isn’t it?”
She says “yes, but there’s a downstairs too, you need to go try downstairs”

My name was indeed listed downstairs, but I was so irritated. They need to put up some freaking signs! — I did have a good chuckle at the adorable 80 year old woman trying to explain the electronic voting machine to me. hehe

Today was a big day, HUGE day for me… I went and registered for my Spring nursing courses! So now I can officially declare that I will have NO life starting in January. In addition to my regular 40 hour work week, I will have lecture for 3 hours Monday nights, Clinical for 8 hours Tuesday nights, and labs for 7 hours every other Wednesday. They also informed us we should expect to shell out approximately $700 for books, yikes! And our uniforms/other items will probably be $100+ too… I’m still excited though, I can’t help it, I am just so pumped to start nursing school! A little intimidated by the hours, but pumped anyway πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Voting and other Excitement

  1. GOOD GRAVY! And I thought tuition/books had been expensive for me!! Nothing like $700-$800+… OH MY! My grandmother commented on the phone today that because of nurse employability, I should have gone to school for that. πŸ™‚ I informed her that hospitals don’t employ fainting nurses… Not that I’ve ever fainted…. But she got the idea. πŸ™‚

    Our voting area was VERY organized–and we waited inside while it poured outside. I don’t know who had it all put together, but I left instructions with the 80-year-old counterpart on our end to send my compliments! They were cute–I must have looked incredibly pregnantly uncomfortable because they offered to let me bypass the line altogether. πŸ™‚ I declined, but now I don’t know why I did… πŸ™‚

  2. I am excited that you are excited for nursing school to start! As far as the expense goes… find a hospital or clinic that will assume your loans when you are done. It is very common in Kansas for nurses to get contracts where their employer sponsors them through school. I have a few friends who did that and then decided that they didn’t want to work for the employers who sponsored them – then they just found another hospital or clinic to “buy out” their contract. Good luck in school – it will actually go by very fast!

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