Nothing Important

Tonight my husband is having dinner with his mommy (cute) which means: I have custody of our laptop for the evening! I love the laptop. We got the laptop about two weeks ago, it’s actually my mother in law’s. She bought it and had it sent to us so my hubbin could take care of all the little setups and software installs for her. Since I’m on my own for dinner tonight I decided to make a little pad-thai inabox thingy. It was NASTY and I love pad-thai. I followed the directions (enough that it shouldn’t have tasted like shit) I put barely half a noodle in my mouth before I had to spit it out and dump the whole thing in the sink. Our whole kitchen smells like nasty-ass thai food. Now that I’ve made dinner twice I have a whole mountain of dishes to do. (shit)

But as Mightygirl says “no one cares what you had for lunch”

So what I really wanted to talk about is Britney Spears filing for divorce.
Now, I’m not a “fan”. Sure, I listened to ‘oops I did it again’ just like any other highschooler and I downloaded a few other random ditties along the way ‘toxic’ and whatnot. But, I’m a girl, a girl who’s Britney’s age, so I have to feel for her… even just a little. I’m sure we can all see, Britney’s probably not the brightest crayon in the box. And sure, she’s not got a great track record as far as the marriage thing goes. But still, I just *ugh* I feel a little bad for her.

I mean right now she’s going to get divorce (again) & fork over a whole hunk a change to K-Fed . I don’t really feel bad for her for that, I feel bad for her because of how she’s hurting right now. I read the story about her waiting at a restaurant for him and him standing her up. That’s gotta hurt. That’s why I feel bad for her. We all know she would have been better off staying with JT, or hell, even staying married to that random highschool buddy she married. And now having two little kids now on top of it. K-fed is just littering America with his spawn isn’t he?

What I absolutely love though… is I love how K-fed bitches about being in Britney’s shadow…. no one’s going to care about you honey after you’re divorced. You’re going to squander away you’re little fortune and no one will hear of you again.

When they first got married and we kept hearing about them fighting my husband observed “He clearly doesn’t understand that his JOB in life is to keep her happy and pregnant, if he does that he’s got it made”…. Keven apparently isn’t a fast learner either.


One thought on “Nothing Important

  1. You know, I’m having a hard time for Britney too! I’m not sure how fashionable that is, but I really don’t care… I just hope that even though all of this has been difficult that she’s learned not to marry a backup dancer who leaves his pregnant girlfriend to be with her…….

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