Curtesy of statcounter, I can tell you about the person that found my site by googleing

“how to poison a tegu”

I can assure you this is the wrong website for you.

There are a lot of people with unresolved anger issues out there! Yikes! I’m glad our little tegus are tucked into their newly clean cages and safe from nutsos like this. After doing a little investigating on google I’m also glad I decided to give my tegu’s aliases because when I google their real names my flickr site is the first result. haha.


One thought on “Creepy

  1. I really don’t get that. Then again, I cannot understand why someone would hurt/torture an animal anyway. I have far more respect for animals than I do my fellow human (certain exceptions apply, of course). I pity the fool whom I catch trying to poison a tegu. Said person’s hand will be going into the tank after a few days of letting said tegu get hungry. We’ll see how they like that. grrrrrr

    People like that are bastard covered bastards with bastard filling.

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