Belated Introduction

I figured an appropriate way to start off the month where I intend on posting daily would be by typing a little bit about me and blogging. To do this I went way back to my livejournal blog, since that’s really the source. I was shocked that my first post was all the way back in December 2003! Holy cow! I’ve been doing this longer than I thought!

Really though I think it goes back further than that… back to the infatuation with diaries as a little girl. I remember thinking diaries were like THE most romantic concept. I was never very good at keeping them though. Plus back in my awkward teenage phase, I would go back and read them, I would tear out pages destroying evidence that I EVER thought he was cute! Good god, how embarrassing!

I starting my blog back in 2003 because I had a couple of sorority sisters (shhh don’t laugh) who had blogs and they would keep up with each other through their blogs. I was living at home with my parents and stuck in my horrible horrible old job (I will surely be posting about that this month) recently broken up with my multi-year college boyfriend and just generally bored and dissatisfied. I thought starting a blog sounded kinda cool. Somewhere to vent feelings I was having that I either couldn’t talk about with those around me or didn’t really have anyone who cared to listen. I never really went too in depth because my blog had 5 regular readers, all of which knew me in real life. Not really the audience I was after.

I was kind of intrigued with the concept of keeping a diary and posting it online and getting feedback from people I didn’t really know. I kept up with my livejournal blog on and off for 3 years but I wanted to move to a blog where not everyone reading it knew me and would know who I was talking about in my blog.

My husband generally thinks blogs are stupid and thinks people who write them are stupid too. I told him I was going to start one and he’s mostly ok with that, even though he rolls his eyes at me whenever I mention it. The hard thing for me right now though is that so much of what I want to talk about is new-marriage experiences. I am very close to 100% confident my boss will never see my blog since she’s constantly calling me into her office to ask routine computer questions (how do I save this, how do I format this). She doesn’t know how to work her ipod let alone have the time to cruise the internet reading blogs. My husband however is a highschool teacher. Highschoolers are VERY internet savvy so he’s asked me to please conduct my blog writing as though he was a politician and a public figure. I am doing my best to comply with that. This means I will never talk about our sex life or about real fights we have. Bickering, I think that’s ok? I think telling cute stories is ok? But I frankly don’t make enough money right now to support the two of us, so I’m going to try and avoid getting him fired.

I love pictures, I love taking pictures. Prior to my new blogging hobby my big hobby was making scrapbooks. I would like to go on record saying how hard it is for me to not post a picture with every single posting. I will also be going out of my way to not post pictures of me/us on here. At least not in our current form. I’ve made an exception for posting childhood pictures online, because while I do look very similar… really my baby picture looks just the same as anyone else’s baby picture. I don’t think you’ll be like “hey that’s the lab tech down the hall” from me posting a picture holding my kitten when I was 6.

The only big set back to anonymity is I absolutely have to talk about our pets! (The world is in trouble if I have kids some day) Unfortunately we have very unique pets, no golden retrievers here. I wonder sometime if even talking about them makes my blog too easily found… but I really can’t avoid it. My husband has specifically requested that I avoid blogging about personal matters between us, so the obvious fall back topic is our pet antics.

So I guess really the reason behind me blogging is because I wanted to have some outlet to type about what I wanted, what was on my mind, funny stories, little things that bug me… because sometimes I feel like people don’t really like listening to random stuff like that in real life so this is my outlet.


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