Gotta Represent

Last night was a big night around here. The big chain petstore near us was having a reptile contest! I don’t know if I’ve talked whole lot specifically about our unusual pets thus far even though I have a whole label category devoted entirely to them “tegu-licious”. We have two tegus. We have an Argentinian black and white tegu, “Miss Thang”, and we have a blue tegu “Princess”. -not their real names, they’ve asked me to protect their privacy as they are concerned about identity theft in today’s world.

We have been looking forward to last night for probably two weeks. It’s not every day people “want” to look at or hear about your reptile. We packed Miss Thang up in a cardboard box with few towels to lounge on. It was cold and rainy, not ideal weather to be taking your reptiles out of doors. I’m curious about why they didn’t have the reptile contest in July? In a season a bit more hospitable to reptiles?

About 20 people showed up, most brought their pet snakes, there were a few little kids who brought their bearded dragons. The categories were “Largest Snake” “Largest Lizard” “Most Colorful Reptile” “Most Unique Reptile” and “Best Reptile Photo”… Miss Thang won Largest Lizard by a large margin. Had the contest not been designed to be fair to the little kids she would probably have also won Most Unique Reptile since all the other lizards there could be purchased in a pet store.

We were quite proud of her. She was a perfect angel all night. She sat on our shoulders (climbed on my head) and hung out in our arms all night. She let little kids pet her, and she let one little obnoxious boy poke her in the head repeatedly. I was really pleased because we always claim she’s tame, but she’s never been tested by anyone other than the two of us who are used to handling her. So we never really had proof. (And she’s got teeth and packs enough power that she could easily give you a need for stitches or break a little finger bone if she really wanted to.)

I’m posting this with a picture of her scaling the cat-trees at the pet store. We got some really horrified looks from a woman wearing high heels. The funniest part of the night was after she won her prize my husband took her over to see how she would react to the mouse tank. She went from motivation level 2 to motivation level 10 in a hurry. You could tell she was looking at them thinking “Forget my prize, can I have one of those instead?!!! Vanilla or Chocolate?!”

No, to answer your question, I am not a reptile person persay. I had a cat growing up and given my choice I would have a cat now too. But my choice came down to my husband or a cat, and I chose him. Between the two of us we are allergic to everything with fur. And when it really comes right down to it, though I may fantasize about having a dog from time to time, I just don’t really like dogs a whole lot. My husband on the other hand really likes reptiles and has had them from the time he was small.

My husband got Miss Thang about 6 months before I met him. She’s about 2 now. And she was 30 inches long the last time we measured. Heyyyy, that’s a big lizard! She’s quite tame, though her size took me a while to get used to and I am glad I met her when she was smaller than she is now. Princess is sort of supposed to be “my” tegu. She’s about 1 now and was, I think, about 20 inches the last time we measured. She is significantly more daring than Miss Thang and will leap from your hands and take the 3 foot drop like a man if it means she might get a chance a freedom.


2 thoughts on “Gotta Represent

  1. In theory, I know they’re great pets. And they are cool looking. But you know, when I saw one kind of try to swallow the Meester whole, I was like, “maybe we should stick to dogs and you know, smaller lizards.”

    That and I’d always be afraid that they’d eat our Chihuahua. :oP

  2. *shiver* I would rather have a squirrel or a pesticide-prone insect for a pet than a reptile… Yuck! Too bad about the allergies. We just got a kitty. Fortunately, my husband isn’t allergic to cats-he just doesn’t like ’em.

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