Ooooo, my very own?

I don’t precisely recall the date I decided it might be a good idea to marry my husband… not at all. However I think we’ve turned out to be a very good match. One reason for this is we both have a deep love for high-tech-electronics. Mine has been engrained in me from a very young age a la father.

I know it’s cliche but I’ve married my father.

My nursing school orientation is at the beginning of November but in anticipation I was checking out my community college’s website to see what nights a week I *might* have class and by george they have posted the class schedules for the spring. I was telling my cute-husband about this over dinner last night, and over looking all other possible implications he queries if I will need access to a computer for this class as it is web-enhanced. Indeed I shall.

We have a computer, a super-computer really. My husband is so adorably-geeky that he builds his own computers to the latest specifications for games/graphics and whatnot. Last year when I cornered the title of “Best Fiance EVER” for buying him an XBOX 360 I also unwittingly blocked him from making his yearly computer updates. The games/graphics on the XBOX were so much better he was unable to justify spending money to upgrade the computer. Since then he has been searching for excuses to build us a new computer. (“I could make it work like a tivo” was the best one I’ve heard.) Even offering to build my father a new computer just so he could get the need to build one out of his system.

He works on our computer nightly to prepare for work the next day and it’s not often available. Worst case scenario I was thinking I would print the pages I needed while I was at work, but as previously stated I love computers/electronics too so it’s hard for me to produce arguments against what would ultimately end with me having my own computer…..


One thought on “Ooooo, my very own?

  1. Ha! So funny! We operate with one computer and my husband THINKS he’s gifted with computers–lol He built his own shortly after we were married on the condition that for every $100 he spent he had to watch an hour of a movie that I chose. It was a good introduction into some childhood cult classics (I think I even made him watch “Labyrinth.”) That computer happens to have a pirated copy of Windows (shh, don’t tell) that with the new Active X controls has crippled his computer. Ha ha ha

    I can relate to marrying your father… It’s so true! I’ve had a couple of step-fathers along the way and I managed to marry them, too! 🙂

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