Love me some pesticide

Oh. My. God.
Alright, so I have a phobia.
Maybe it’s even a mild phobia (I don’t know where you draw the line) but simply the act of trying to find a suitable picture for this post was making my heartrate increase. I am terrified of all insects-of-a-stinging-variety. I know there’s a difference but I call them all bees. Last week we had one of these (pictured) in our house. Some variety of wasp, black, very intimidating looking. Husband totally tries to talk me out of it, he’s not real big on killing bugs of any kind. I compromised, it’s getting to be winter, it has nothing to eat, it will die soon right? Wrong. It brought a friend. My husband found one on the floor and stepped on it to appease me.

Last night I was sitting calmly watching TV in our living room. And it started flying around the chandelier. I can’t help it, I have to watch it, I must know where it is at all times. Then I saw it. There were two. TWO. INSIDE MY HOUSE. My husband came in and said “oh it’s still here?” I said “There’s TWO!” and he looked and said “So there is, wait, there’s three” I then promptly went to check our basement and garage for bug spray because this, well this is just unacceptable. And I began to contemplate sleeping in my car. We had no spray but while I was in the basement my husband said “Check that, there’s four”. Now this is just out of control.

I would rank this in my top 3 nightmare scenarios involving insects-of-the-stinging-variety. Number one being having one up my shirt (I’ve had that happen) and Number two having one in my bed. Following close behind is having wasps (plural) in my house. I went and purchased some spray.

My husband wasn’t pleased. He doesn’t like killing things and he didn’t want to use the spray in the house. But there were FOUR buzzing around our chandelier. I wasn’t backing down. By the time I returned with the spray there were only three so one is still at large (but I’m trying not to think about that). He hit three of them with the spray and no one got stung in the process. One whipped around on him so fast when he sprayed it was unbelievable. We both bolted. We then spent the next 30 minutes trying to clean up the poison (He was muttering about me the whoooole time). Mopping the floor, I’m liking hardwood floors more and more, and me scrubbing the ceiling on a ladder. It was totally worth it in my mind.


2 thoughts on “Love me some pesticide

  1. Ahhhh! We just had the BIGGEST cockroach you’ve ever seen–they’re coming in to get warm… AHHHHH! Keeping clean doesn’t always help I’ve decided… :S We bought out the insecticide from Wal-Mart yesterday… I DO believe (and strongly) in killing off bugs that have the nerve to come into my house. 😀

  2. Couldn’t agree more. A bug outside is a completely different story than one that might crawl in bed with me at night. Good luck with your roaches!

    PS We got Wasp #4 this morning.

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