Gym Etiquette

I pissed off the big guy at the gym last night. You know him. Approximately 280 roided-out pounds of him. Thighs the size of my waist. Wife beater, spiky hair, complete with frosted tips (hot!). I finished one weight machine and went over to the leg press machine. No one was on it so I sat down changed the weight and began lifting. The big guy came over to the machine and faced me momentarily and then went to talk to this other girl. He may have said something but in order for me to work out conditions have to be absolutely right and one of those is that I require to hear nothing other than the music I’m listening to. He and this girl began to talk about me, and not in a way that led me to believe they were talking about my cute outfit. I know this because they both kept looking at me and intermittently giving me dirty looks. What I suspect happened is that he got up between sets to get a drink at the water fountain and when he came back to his machine I was there and had changed the setting from 380lbs down to around 100lbs and he was miffed.

To frosty man I say this: This is not a private gym, if you expect to use your machine for multiple sets you must maintain physical contact with your machine otherwise it is free game. And if you’re going to get cranky when someone changes your weight settings than save yourself the heartache and buy a weight machine for your basement.


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