The era of long torsos and leggings

So I went shopping after work yesterday and I have several comments. Let me first get out of the way that I am a totally normal shaped human female. I am slightly over 5’4″ (which is exactly average for a female) and I fall precisely in the center of normal BMI for my height. I was shopping in the hopes of finding a few new light-layering shirts for the fall but they all had an extra foot of material hanging off the bottom. I’m sorry but even a thin sweater is not flattering when it hangs down all the way over your bum. I know I can’t be the only one experiencing this. Maybe this looks nice if you’re tall and thin, but the trend is Americans are getting FATTER not THINNER. Work with me here.

Can I also please ask “What is up with the leggings and mini-skirt trend? Haven’t we gone through this already?”

I was driving in the car with my Cute-Husband the other day and saw a girl crossing the street wearing hot pink leggings with lace at the bottom and a light denim mini skirt. I pointed and said “she looks like she just walked straight out of an 80s music video!” he said “and a bad one at that!” Now, don’t get me wrong I’m all for any fashionable excuse to not reveal my bare legs while I’m in public, but this all just looks weird to me.

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