Kodak Easyshare

I hate Kodak Easyshare and I don’t like people who use it. These are inevitably the same people who don’t know how to use their digital cameras. So I got married 2+ months ago now and I got an email from a guest with a link to her Kodak Easyshare album. No one who gets married just wants to *look* at your pictures. They want COPIES of them. And if you have the least bit of technological knowledge you don’t want printed copies you want the DIGITAL COPIES. Meaning the full-sized pictures that you could print out a visibly clear 8×10 if you so desired and remove the red-eye in the process. Kodak has obviously not included a “download full size” option on their site, because then you wouldn’t have to buy your prints from them.

Her email: “Sorry this has taken me so long. I tried to get a CD burned at Costco but I ran into all kinds of troubles. I figured you can have much more flexibility on this site.”

I would really like to reply, “are you joking?”

This is not my same friend who called me from across the country to ask me how to copy photos from her camera onto her computer. She too uses Easyshare…


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